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Our Story

Quarry Hill Farm is located in beautiful Harleysville Pennsylvania. In 2007, Sloane Six purchased this 100 acre farm, as part of the Pennsylvania Farmland Preservation program. As a cancer survivor, Sloane is committed to helping people ask the question, “what has fundamentally gone so wrong in our food system?” Why do we need to be protected from our food, and how do we explain so much disease, including cancers, autism, obesity? I believe there is a growing awareness out there that some of our traditional food supply chain and resources are failing us.” Six said.

doc4da4b54f2b7068276950681The goal of everyone at Quarry Hill Farms is in raising the most nutritionally dense food possible and with that naturally producing the pure and good natural flavor, the intended way food should taste.”We provide a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems, and people.” Six said. “It relies on ecological processes biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions rather than the use of inputs with adverse effects. It benefits the environment and provides a healthier, good quality of life.”

Quarry Hill Farm uses only heirloom and heritage breed seeds for the produce grown. They actually introduced these breeds back to where, according to Sloane Six, they historically produced best, including from an environmental and consequently health standpoint within the food production process. All livestock is raised in ideal conditions, even beyond free range, the animals are pastured, consuming lots of these organic fresh fruits and vegetables into their diet, or as Quarry Farm refers to it, the animals consume an open “Salad Bar”which allows them pull nutrients from the ground and have it metabolize in a way that we can ingest it in our bodies.


Sloane Six has remained cancer free for over five years now. Her mission, and the mission of Quarry Hill Farm is to promote health through food production. Part of that mission, is to teach and share the benefits of naturally grown nutritionally dense food to the extended community and to share ideas and practices with like minded folks as those through PASA, the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture.

The Farmers Market, located in the dual purpose barn is open to the public and CSA members (Community Supported Agriculture with participants purchasing ahead and regularly receiving from among the bounty.) In addition to the Mainland Inn, Quarry Hill Farm also provides its products to restaurants throughout the area and recently, also to a local hospital where fresh foods can be prepared within two hours of picking.


“I think there is a growing awareness all around, people learning more about the way their food is produced, where it comes from, they are looking for alternatives and additions to traditional healing, consuming healthier foods free from processing” says Six. ” This is not about a fad or a trend; this is about a whole lifestyle change.” For Sloane Six, her family, community and customers, it has all been a part of living life and sharing it with others, all for the better.