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Turkey Order Form

SOLD OUT!… for 2020

(But you still have time to order goose for Christmas!) 

This season, we are raising Standard Bronze Turkeys and Bourbon Red Turkeys. Our birds are
organically raised, soy-free, and pastured. All orders must be accompanied by a $50.00 deposit.

Heritage (Standard) Bronze Turkey Breed: $8.50 per pound

Not to be mistaken for the Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey, the Heritage (Standard) Bronze
Turkey has been around for most of American History. It originated by crossing the Wild Eastern
Turkey with the domesticated turkeys brought over by early European Colonists. The cross
resulted in a vigorous, larger turkey than the one brought over by the colonists as well as tamed
than the wild Eastern turkey. This bird has the traditional round shape

Bourbon Red Turkey: $8.50 per pound

This breed was developed in Pennsylvania, but has gained popularity in Bourbon County,
Kentucky. It has since been known as the Bourbon Red Turkey. Bronze, White Holland and Buff
Turkeys were bred together to develop the Bourbon Red. This bird has a more triangular body
shape like that of a wild turkey and is coveted for its dark meat.

To place an order you may:

  1. Send a check to Quarry Hill Farm, 620 Quarry Road Harleysville Pa 19438.
  2. Call us at 215-896-5596 and place an order by credit card.
  3. Visit the Market and pay by cash, check or credit card.