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Our Berkshire Pork

Our Berkshire Pork raised on the highest quality products to serve to you and your family. Our ethically raised Berkshire Pork is no different! We are pleased to offer pork from our Berkshire pigs. If you do not know what to expect from a Berkshire pig, you are in for a treat. Berkshire pork is often compared with Kobe beef due to its moist and tender consistency. This is achieved due to its fine marbelizing (similar to our Wagyu cows – click here to shop our Beef) which makes it more tender and juicier than most of what you will find in the traditional grocery store. Even better than that, these pigs are born and raised right here on our farm in Harleysville, PA. We make it a habit to interact with our pigs every day and ensure they have all of their needs met to be able to provide you the highest quality Berkshire Pork.

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Orders can be sold by the ¼, ½, or whole pig.

What is Berkshire Pork

Berkshire Pork is a highly prized Heritage meat and for over 350 years have been regarded as the crème de la crop of the meat industry. The Berkshire pig breed is a native inhabitant of England and got its name from the shire of Berks. This breed is very large and have been considered lard pigs due to the fat that can be used for cooking. However, that fat is the reason for its remarkable flavor that is most popular with skilled chefs around the world.  Just like our Wagyu beef, Berkshire Pork has exception intramuscular marbling which creates a wonderfully flavorful experience.  Tenderness comes from the thinner muscle fibers while the juiciness is due to an elevated PH balance.
Berkshire pigs have more unsaturated fat (versus high levels of saturated fat) than conventionally bred pigs. Being high in protein and with its vitamins and minerals, Berkshire pork can be an excellent addition to a healthy diet.