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A Limited Amount of Our Livestock Is Currently For Sale

At Quarry Hill Farm our Wagyu cattle has been meticulously selected based on genealogy to produce high quality Wagyu beef. All of our Wagyu cattle are free range on our sustainably managed farm. Our cattle have plenty of space, fresh air, and sunlight. Each member of our herd has continuous access to fresh water in any pasture they occupy. Our experienced staff at Quarry Hill Farm are monitored on a daily basis for any changes in behavior or appearance. We are proud of the ethical animal farming methods we employ and are happy to offer a select few of these high-quality Wagyu Cattle for sale. Please contact David Perlman for current availability.

We are also offering for sale Wagyu embryos and semen. If you are interested, please visit our genetics page below.

In addition to Wagyu steers, bulls, cows, and heifers, we also have Berkshire pigs, emus, heritage turkeys, and chickens for sale. All of our pigs, emus and chickens are treated and monitored in the same fashion as our Wagyu Cattle.

At Quarry Hill Farm we are proud of our goal to support communities around us, and enhance those communities with sustainable agricultural practices while offering the highest quality livestock. We are enthusiastic about proving limited opportunities for purchasing these highly sought-after Wagyu cattle to farmers in our community.