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WELCOME! We are the new “Quarry Hill Farm.” Some of you may know about us as a family-owned, sustainably managed local farm with a store of eggs, chicken, and produce. Others may not know us at all. So, to all our past customers and friends, and all of our new customers and friends, we invite EVERYONE to visit us, shop our website, and learn how you all can help us in our mission to “feed hungry families.”

Quarry Hill Farm has always been your local Montgomery County, PA provider of sustainably grown produce, herbs, chicken, and eggs. We are now expanding what we have always done to include one of the most selective and sought-after beef products in the world, WAGYU BEEF.

Since 2021, the Perlman Family, the new owners of Quarry Hill Farm, have sought to expand the sustainable agriculture practices of the original Quarry Hill Farm to include the offering of beef and pork. In that pursuit, David and Annmarie Perlman, after a great deal of research, selected Wagyu beef and purchased only the highest quality breeding stock to begin their farm. Why Wagyu, you may ask? Wagyu is sought after not only for its superior marbling (which produces fantastic flavors) but also because of the same fat and marbling that produces those flavors. It also has the lowest cholesterol of ALL MEATS, including fish and chicken, because it has the lowest monosaturated fat of all meats. If you are interested in learning more, here is a link to an article from the National Institute of Health:

Wagyu beef comes from descendants of the traditional Japanese Wagyu. Quarry Hill Farm is continuing the tradition of providing Montgomery County, PA, and the surrounding areas, with only the freshest, locally and sustainably grown farm products, chicken, and now the MOST sought-after beef in the world.

The Perlmans, originally from New York, moved to Pennsylvania over 20 years ago. David long sought to buy a farm and return to his community the good fortune he and his family have enjoyed. When the chance came to purchase Quarry Hill Farm, David, with the support of his wife of over 40 years, Annmarie, and their children and grandchildren, all agreed that this was the opportunity they had waited for. Being blessed with acquiring this historical, sustainably managed farm also allowed David to establish a not-for-profit that would allow Quarry Hill Farm to donate the profits from its sales to local charities. This includes shelters and food banks in the Greater Philadelphia Area to help them in their mission to “feed local, hungry families.” The Perlmans, and their family, take that mission seriously and will continue to grow the donations, the charities, and the people they can help. Aside from that, David and Annmarie felt the farm was a beautiful location for their family to continue to grow together. Most days, you can see one or several of their grandchildren helping with farm duties, keeping the animals’ company, or just playing as children do.

We ask you to visit one of the truly beautiful farms in Eastern Pennsylvania. You can shop at our online store, enjoy the efforts of all those who work and volunteer at Quarry Hill Farm, and help us in our mission to “feed local, hungry families.” We thank you for your support and look forward to being your local provider of sustainably grown produce, chicken, eggs, heritage pork, and Wagyu Beef. Please email or call us to schedule your Fresh meat and produce that is grown right in your own backyard.